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August 17th, 2012 Posted by tasty

HUBBL : Your smart telescope to spot apps !

Hi Tasty followers !


We like to share with you smart initiative about mobile and web discovery tools . A nyc start up is on the point to launch a new application to help mobile user discover… applications. Here is HUBBL !
They just explained us their concept :


 The name Hubbl is our tribute to the Hubble Space Telscope and Edwin Hubble the father of modern cosmology.


“ Mobile App discovery in it’s current state is very inefficient. Users end up looking at the same subset of top apps everywhere, while there are so many amazing apps waiting to be discovered. Moreover, developers find it difficult to take their incredible apps to the hands of the user. And a bridge had to be built to connect these islands. Mobile App discovery was something that had long bothered us, and finally Hubbl decided to do something about it.


The spark came when one of us was walking around Manhattan (Varick and West Broadway to be exact) trying hard to look for sign of a star in the night sky, and the idea dawned upon us. The app universe is just like the star filled sky in the night and there are as many apps today as there are stars in the sky. The sky was once mysterious and baffling until the humans invented the first Telescope. From there we went on to discover so many new surprises, we made sense of new stars, discovered galaxies and constellations, we leaped beyond the obvious and the universe became more accessible to us. The Telescope changed everything. That is exactly what we wanted to build. A smart telescope to spot apps, which will make us discover new surprises, accurately spot apps based on interests and needs, and finally make the app universe more accessible to all of us.



How exactly are we going to do it?


Hubbl is a novel App discovery model that lets you curate, find and share apps in a very simple and social way.
We at Hubbl think that present algorithm driven app discovery approach is borderline orthodox and deficient. And with thousands of new apps added everyday, the existing solutions are also not very scalable Hubbl solves this problem by introducing first of its kind community driven interest based curation platform. As we are assembling your purple telescope in our labs we are also trying to make it incredibly smart, so it’s less effort from your end and more about the joy of discovering great apps. “
blog.hubblapp. com  -  August 2012 


Available in september on the App Store. By then, you can try a web beta version on www.hubblapp.com 
Enjoy !


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