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July 27th, 2012 Posted by tasty

Today’s discovery: Mp Me – Worldwide Radio Stations




Mp Me provides access to a very large number of radio stations worldwide. Whether you’re looking for local or national, US rap or Congolese rumba, or any other style of music, you should be able to find almost any frequency however remote it is (earth only!). The interface is rather sophisticated with lots of options. Mp me also includes a search tool to find your favorite radio stations. It also can tell you which radio played your favorite artist which is great for finding stations that suits your tastes. There’s also a playlist function, radio station and artist biographies, and sharing via social networks.

Despite this, the experience of discovery is limited to radio stations and the programs it offers. The user doesn’t have the option to provide their preferences and get recommendations based on them. Too bad.


  • + Radio database – you should be able to find any radio station – the ones you listened to as a kid or the one you listened to while on vacation halfway around the world.
  • ++ Interface and Navigation – simple and fluid, you’ll feel comfortable controlling the interface after just a few minutes of use.
  • - Discovery experience limited to musical genres (based on station’s style), unable to make connections between artists, or even between stations.
  • We only can listen to the song that plays live on the radio, unable to access last played tracks.


Thanks to Mp Me I discovered Tycho on Cliqhop Radio !




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